Starting with 2004, ECUMEST initiated a series of workshops open to young
artists and organised various meetings and debates (presented below) with
the aim to facilitate a confrontation of the Romanian audience with other cultural perspectives and proposals, some of which of high relevance to the Romanian context.

Besides these projects regularly developed, as well as one-off support granted to various artists (started in 2002), ECUMEST aims to set up a creativity and mobility fund addressed to young creators and designed to open to them a confrontation (taking the shape of study travels) with the artistic trends in other countries in Europe and beyond.

2006, March: Conflictual heritage and recent memory
A conference held by Gabi Dolff-Bonekämper, complemented by a local perspective offered by Catalin Berescu.

2005, June: Master class and conferences held by theatre director Andrei Serban, Bucharest and Cluj
Master class with actors of the National Theatre in Cluj and students of the Faculty of Theatre in Cluj. Conferences in Bucharest and Cluj (details in Romanian only).

2004, June: Two exceptional meetings with theatre director Andrei Serban
Conferences on the themes "Shakespeare and the spirituality" and "Theatre vs. Opera" (details in Romanian only).

2004, June: The Balkan Express network encounter in Sfintu Gheorghe (Romania)
details about the meeting...
details post-event...
details on the book "Circles in the water" documenting the workshop held by Andrei Serban...

2002, July: Four young Romanian actors benefited, with the ECUMEST support, from a professional visit to the Avignon Festival
The young actors awarded at the 2001 edition of the Young Actor's Gala participated to the Avignon Festival (details in Romanian only).

2002, April: Supporting the participation of 12 young artists, managers and cultural journalists to the "Cultural policies and cultural rights" seminar in Fribourg
A series of artists, managers and cultural journalists from Romania, Bulgaria and former Yugoslavia participated to the "Cultural policies and cultural rights" seminar in Fribourg.


Listed below are other programmes and organisations that support the mobility of young artists and cultural managers or offer a variety of resources and information in this field:

· S.T.E.P beyond (Supporting Travel for European Projects) - mobility fund proposed by the European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam

· Roberto Cimetta Fund - Mobility of Performing Arts operators and artists in the Mediterranean - mobility fund aimed at encouraging cultural exchanges within the Mediterranean area

· Pepinieres Europeene pour Jeunes Artistes - programme design to support the promotion and the mobility of young artists

· - website dedicated to information about international activities, projects and their funding, in the areas of theatre, dance, and other performing arts disciplines

· Trans Artists - information centre for artists and cultural organisations on cultural exchanges, artist in residence programmes and work opportunities in the Netherlands and abroad