Active from the beginning in the field of education in cultural management in
the countries of Eastern Europe and being one of the pioneers of the regional programmes of training in the field (through the ECUMEST programme launched by Corina Suteu in 1995), the ECUMEST Association aims to raise awareness of cultural managers and administrators in view of an active participation in defining and implementing a cultural policy adapted to the context.


Concept and development of short term training seminars
As a follow up to the sessions held late 2005 and early 2006 and as a response to the numerous requests for participation and past applications received, ECUMEST is organising throughout 2006 a series of seminars open to Romanian cultural operators.The trainers will be professionals in these fields from both Romania and abroad.


Recently, the following training sessions have been held:

2006, 27 October: Training of trainers' seminar: Mobility and cultural co-operation in the age of digital spaces (Bucharest)
2006, 24-25 & 28-29 August: Culture and local developement: the artist and the strategic project of the cultural organisation (Bucharest)
2006, 25-27 May: Management and financing of cultural projects (Bucharest)
2006, 20-21 January: International cultural cooperation, project management and funding opportunities for cultural projects (Bucharest)
2005, 2 November: Training for Mobility and Intercultural Relations (Bucharest)

Graduate programmes: Partnership with the MA programme in Cultural Policies and Cultural Policies in the Balkans (Belgrade)
Starting with 2003, ECUMEST collaborates with the MA programme in cultural management and cultural policies in the Balkans, developed by the University of Arts in Belgrade in partnership with the French University Lyon 2 & IEP Grenoble. ECUMEST promotes the programme in Romania and to its wider European network and, until 2005, organised the selection and accompaniment of the Romanian students.

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2006: call of applications...
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· 2003: The Belgrade cultural management students residency in Bucharest (April)


The ECUMEST programme - the first postgraduate course in European cultural management
Diploma launched in 1995 and recognised in France and Romania. The ECUMEST programme (Master's degree in management of arts and cultural activities for professionals in Eastern Europe) was launched in 1995 in Bucharest as a branch of the training programme Mastère Specialisé Européen en Management des Entreprises Culturelles (Dijon Business School/ECUME Association). This programme included courses, seminars, research and practical applications (project design and implementation, target group study, organisational audit), internships, writing the disertation paper. It offered at the end of the training a Master's degree in cultural management recognised by the Romanian Ministry of Education. Between 1995-2001 the ECUMEST programme trained 52 graduates coming from 14 Eastern countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine. The programme ended in 2001.

The series of courses in the framework of the PHARE programme "The Cultural Dimension of Democracy"
As the partner of the ECUME Association (France), ECUMEST contributed to the design and undertaking of the cultural management course in this framework by addressing the topics specific to the cultural field. It is worth mentioning that the structure and part of the trainers have further been employed by the Masters degree programme in Cultural Management of the National School of Political and Administrative Studies (SNSPA), launched in October 2001.