The analyses and debates represent an essential component of the ARCult programme since its beginning. Starting 2005, this action line is developed
under the title "The ARCult Forum" - as a process of analysis, proposals and debates aiming at contributing to the design of a long term cultural strategy in Romania. The following events took place in this framework:

2005: Who's afraid of the independent sector?
The debate under this title aimed to bring into discussion the notions of "independent", "non-governmental", or "freelance", alternatively trying to differentiate between the institutional, legal and artistic levels. It also set out to bring forward the different perspectives and practices concerning the above-mentioned issues in the Romanian context.
debate report (pdf document, 162 kb)

2005: Why and how should culture be funded? In Romania

Debate in view of reforming the cultural funding system, starting from the motivation and the aims of this public support in the Romanian context, from the viewpoint of diverse cultural actors (public institutions, NGOs, artists, unions & association of creators, cultural administration).
debate report (pdf document, 209 kb)

2004: Cultural policies - Alternative proposals in view of the 2004 parliamentary elections in Romania
Roundtable organised by the ECUMEST Association, in partnership with the Romanian Academic Society (SAR) aimed at launching a public debate on the parties' programmes in the field of cultural policies, in view of the 2004 parliamentary elections in Romania.
details on the meeting

2003: The access of cultural NGOs to public funding in Romania

Roundtable that presented and discussed the results of the action research on the same topic developed in the framework of the ARCult programme. The report is available in Romanian only.
details on the meeting